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Personal FinanceThe Two important lessons that will make you master the Science Of...

The Two important lessons that will make you master the Science Of Getting Rich.

For any thing that gives consistent results has a formula and principle that govern it. Those that have mastered the formula and apply the principles keep getting the results they are mandated to get.

Every man and woman who does apply these principle will certainly get rich, for the science here and applied is an exact science, and failure is impossible.

1. Your thoughts create reality.

Most things that we have today were part of our mind at some point. We imagine them, we envision them and then we make them reality. Before we create anything, whether it’s a business, a lifestyle or a product, it has to be created in our mind first.

 You see, things are created twice, once in the mind, then in the physical reality. You need to know this and take it a little further. Even if something seems impossible to the naked eye, you must still believe that it is possible and what you want is there.

Many people call this the law of attraction, manifestation, or the self-fulfilling prophecy.

There are all versions of the idea that if we truly believe that something will happen, we’ll naturally begin looking for the opportunities to make it happen. 

This not only helps us become naturally aware of potential opportunities, but truly believing that your goals will become a reality will create a strong perseverance to achieve them. You would feel a little silly giving up if we know that the prize is already there waiting for you. Once you internalize this belief, you no longer believe failure exists, unless you stop trying. So even when things get tough, you know it’s just a matter of time before you achieve your goals and the struggles are just part of the journey to get there. This is why it’s important to guard your thoughts and what you let inside your mind. You must focus on feeding your mind the type of information that will reinforce the belief that you can actually achieve your goals. 

You must set up your environment that makes it difficult for unproductive thoughts to appear. 

2. Get clear on your goals.

Have you ever had those times where you think about the life you want to have and the goals you want to achieve and you get so motivated to work hard and achieve those goals? But also you have those other days where you just can’t get motivated to get any work done. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. But you see, this can be the result of having, or not having, a powerful desire for your

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