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INVESTINGThe Passive Income Revolution: Join the Wealth-Building Movement

The Passive Income Revolution: Join the Wealth-Building Movement

I want to share one very powerful story with you written by American author Burke Hedges, it is called the parable of the pipeline. So first we have a look at the story.

It so happened that there were two boys, Bruno and Pablo in a village who were unemployed. So the mayor of the village calls them one day and says we have a crisis. We need water in the village, the village tank is empty, we need water from a nearby river and everyday both of you will carry water from the river and put it in the river tank and for every bucket of water that you carry you will be paid some money. It sounded like a nice idea and both Bruno and Pablo agreed to it.

So from the next morning both of them took their buckets and they started going to the river, filling the water from the river and emptying it in the village tank, again going to the river, again emptying it in the village tank and for every bucket they were paid money.

This went on for a few days till Pablo realized it is a very tedious process and he thought why don’t I build a pipeline if I build a pipeline all the way from the river to the water tank then the pipeline will carry water I don’t have to carry it anymore so he goes and he shares the idea with his friend he says look if we build a pipeline then we don’t have to put efforts on a daily basis, the pipeline will carry the water for us.

But Bruno was not interested because he would have had to invest time, money and energy in building a pipeline. He was happy carrying his buckets. So he tells Pablo, you please go ahead. I am happy the way I am. So to cut a long story short, Pablo starts working hard despite of criticism, despite of ridicule, he builds a pipeline and slowly water starts flowing from the pipeline day in and day out, Pablo becomes a free man, when he is sleeping his income is on, pipeline is carrying water for him, when he is on a holiday his income is on, when he is partying with his friends his income is on, Bruno on the other hand the day he takes an off from work his income becomes zero and Pablo doesn’t have to bother about all that. So slowly Pablo starts building a pipeline not only to his own village but to all the villages around and so many people like Bruno get unemployed.

Now you will tell me, what’s the big thing? You know, it’s so obvious that you should build a pipeline? Remember friends 95% people in the world are bucket carriers, 95% people, maybe even more. 5% people are the ones who have created pipelines in their life.

Today I need you to ask your selft weather you are among the 95% buket caries of the 5%. Keep posted. in my next article, I will be showing you how you can create a pipeline for your self in this modern error.


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