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Personal FinanceThe Five things you need To escape Poverty.

The Five things you need To escape Poverty.


  • Imagine you stop a random group of people on the streets and ask them to describe what poverty means to them, you’ll hear a lot of different answers. 
  • A little girl might say, it’s not having enough food to eat. Another person might say, it’s barely getting by. While someone else might say, it’s living in the streets. And so forth are answers you might hear. If you haven’t lived in poverty, you wouldn’t know how circumstances can quickly change or how an environment can easily propagate one into poverty. People born into poverty or by circumstances become hopeless for any kind of escape, and those who don’t want to endure poverty will find a way to escape it. 
  • So in today’s article, I bring you the best ways, backed by research, that any person on planet Earth can escape poverty or avoid it altogether.
  • 1. Through Education.
  • The right education is the most significant poverty eradication tool you have. Always crave to be knowledgeable. The less you know, the more susceptible you are to being taken advantage of. They say education is the key to success for a reason. And it’s the key you’ll need for this fight against Poverty. Most importantly, make sure you understand financial literacy. Most schools don’t provide a financial literacy foundation, so you have to learn it somewhere else or by yourself. Learn in-depth about financial products and most importantly your rights. Learn about the whole credit world, financial markets, personal finance, credit scores, financial statements, and so on. All this knowledge will set you ahead of most people and it will help you save more and will also open your eyes to which deals are the best for you.
  • With this knowledge, you’ll be able to identify scams that could ruin your financial world. No one can take advantage of you if you know how things work in the world, and that’s why education is empowering. Arm yourself with knowledge because one day it’ll be your best defense.
  • 2. Have the right mindset/control your mind.
  • Much of what we have in our minds is commonly not what we own but society. We either adopt them from our environment or develop them in our minds. Our environment can be that of poverty, and what our peers say, do, and think is what our minds will believe as our own opinions. They even make us buy more things than we had previously planned. It’s like going to the supermarket or food shop hungry. Our opinions are not our own. You’ll spend all your time, money, and energy deeply invested in somebody else’s ideals that are not benefiting you one bit. Take control of your mind. You might have been born into poverty, but you won’t want your own family born into the same. Your mind is of value, and treat it like that. Take control of your mind and what you feed it. Take up activities that inspire you to dream and realize your goals. Your mind will lead you to partake in incredibly productive actions if you feed it right.
  •  3. Develop skills that can earn you a living.
  • Trust me poverty is defined as a lack of money, but it’s also deeply associated with a lack of skill. To escape poverty, learning a relevant skill is among the best strategies you can implement. Learn a skill that people will want to pay for.
  • There are numerous free resources that can help you develop and be great at the skills you want. You can learn from your local carpenter, shoemaker, mechanic, and other trades. You can also learn from books and the internet, to be good at design, programming, marketing, etc. Make use of online platforms like Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Skill Share and so on. Doing decent work will be the stepping stone in this journey. Use your skills to make a living and add value to yourself by always looking for what’s next. Always seek growth and never get comfortable.
  • 4. You must Learn how to sell.
  • Making sales is the basis for everything in this world. Being good at what you do when you can not sell it is of no use. This should tickle your brain. If you can master the skill of selling, you’ll make a lot of money in this world. The highest-paid career in the world is sales. Most of the richest people in the world are best at selling. They sell their vision, they sell their products, they sell their services, and they sell their skills. You have to master the art of selling. The beauty about this skill is that anyone can learn it, and you don’t need a fancy education or a special ability either.
  • You can start small, for example, selling something to your neighbors, families, friends, strangers, and eventually you’ll master the best sales skills and approaches that will allow you to easily sell whatever it is at your local supermarket or a big organization. You can even create your franchise and sell internationally. There is no limit to selling. Our whole world operates on the principle of buying and selling.
  1. 5. Get professional and Take Advantage of opportunities.
    Getting to be professional takes time and is later evident in your immediate community. Local communities like churches, public libraries, local NGOs, and community centers are some of the places that can uplift your situation. These places always provide great opportunities and connections. In addition to the skills you have, you need to set yourself apart from others in the same field. Remember, the clients you get are there for you to service them, and not because they need to help you get out of poverty. You as a person with a product or service, you’re solving a problem for your clients, and that’s why they hire you or work with your products or skills. As you go about your business, don’t offer mediocrity and nonchalant services.
    Don’t leave your client with a distaste for the service you’ve provided. Keep in mind that people want to be treated well and want the best results out of everything. You have to focus on helping them get exactly what they want for you to get what you want. Treat your work as your baby. You’ll need those referrals from your clients to make your business thrive. You’ll need those networks to work with other people who can give you the first call when an opportunity arises. You need to be building bridges professionally. Work on your work relationships and go professional. You’ll be amazed at how much positive word of mouth will help your business.


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