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Personal FinanceCrack the Code: How International Students Can Secure Full Scholarships in the...

Crack the Code: How International Students Can Secure Full Scholarships in the UK.

Studying in the UK Is quite pricey for any student from developing countries. Looking at how much fees you have to pay to study in the UK can become worrying because the fees for international students in the UK is anywhere from £11,400 to £38,000 with the average being about £22,000. In this article I will be Showing you how to drop the price of studying in the UK by quite a bit. 

This can only be achieved through scholarships.

Types of scholarships in the UK.

These scholarships offer various privileges, deadlines and different ways on how to apply for them. So every year, a lot of students desire to move over to the UK and from those students, only a small percentage of them actually make it and apply for scholarships to study in the UK. This  is always either because they don’t know about these scholarships in the first place or because they don’t believe they qualify for it. 

Below I have gathered you a list of sites you can trust for your accommodation.

These are awarded to students who have performed exceptionally in extracurricular activities like music, sports or even performing arts like drama or dance. 

2.Academic merit and excellence scholarships

These are traditional scholarships that are awarded to students who have performed extremely well in academics. Then, if you haven’t passed every subject, there’s still hope because there are also subjects for those who have passed particular courses or subjects offered by relevant individual departments. They offer subject-specific scholarships.

3. Disability scholarships.

These provide support for international students with a disability, a long-term mental health condition, a learning difficulty or special needs. 

4.Refugees or asylum seekers scholarships. 

These are offered to those  who have fled persecution from their home countries in the form of tuition fee reduction or waiver or maintenance. 

5. Research scholarships.

These are offered to students to pursue research in a specific field of their interest. 

6.industry sponsored scholarships.

These are offered by  private companies or organizations to students in the UK who are interested in pursuing careers in a specific field. 

Now before I move on, there’s something you should know. When you move to the UK, you’ll have to get student housing. And to be honest, finding student housing is nothing short of a challenge because, well, the UK as a  country is going through a housing crisis at this point. 

Apart from the other crisis. For 2024, 40% of all student accommodation will be booked by May. To help you work around your accommodation. you can consider working with. 

1. AMBER. 

This is a great website to look for student accommodation and it also allows you to save

up to £5,000 if you book now for the 2024 intake plus there’s a cashback of around 300 pounds on some properties. So if you book your accommodation now you can save around 45% versus around UCAS times and the deal with early booking is that you can actually find places close to your university if you book early and if you don’t get your visa or you don’t get an acceptance from your university you can still get a refund with the deposit protection scheme. So you kind of have nothing to worry about. Now, if you’d like to know more,

How you can apply for a scholarship in the UK. 

So assume you’ve made up your mind that you want to apply for a scholarship, but you don’t know how to go about it. Just follow these steps.

1.find out what options exist in the first place.

 Let’s take the example of shopping. Now, assume you’re going shopping for a jacket. You’re obviously not going to buy the first jacket you see, right? You’re going to go and evaluate all of your options to see what options exist. Just like that, you gather information on what scholarships are available and which ones have deadlines that are approaching. To do that, you check out the scholarship website, the university website, you read blogs, you read reviews of people who have actually used these scholarships in the past and you basically try to find out as much as you can about it because the more you dig the better you can craft your application. You may check out my article here about scholarship sites you can trust

2. Evaluate/check the application criteria.

 Now I would not recommend that you blindly apply for every scholarship that you come across for one very simple reason, it eats into your time. Instead use that same time to improve on those same applications or two or three or four applications that you have decided to submit and the way to do this is to go through every single scholarship and very carefully look for the requirement that they have listed out against it and this is where depending on the scholarship you’ll find out what kind of grades you need to apply for the scholarship or what kind of awards you needed to have won in order to apply for this. 

3.Create an Excel sheet.

This is one proven way of getting your information organized. In this Excel sheet you would mention what the scholarship is, which university it is for, what the award is, and the most important thing, what the deadline is.

And if these are scholarships that you are really serious about, I would request you go to the extent of creating calendar alerts on your calendar so that you know when the application dates are and you get reminded of it before the date arrives.

All make sure that you create alerts for all of the individual tasks that you have to do for each of these applications in order to submit them, like writing your essays, getting your references, so there are actually time bound steps that you have to follow if you need to submit your application.

4.Start the actual work.

 This is the  most challenging or interesting step. It’s always up to you. You will

have to get your applications ready, your essays nailed down, your academic records, your letters of recommendation, your IELTS scores, and a lot more ready. 

If your application does not wow the reader at first glance, the battle is lost and then it’s time for you to go get that loan. So you’ll ideally want to have these essays and

the other application details nailed down. Be very honest, if you’re applying for multiple scholarships, something you need to remember is that each of these applications needs to be tailored for that specific scholarship. But remember it’s extremely important that you stick to the word limit or your application might get rejected in the first round.


Now at this point you might decide to chicken out because you might feel that your application is not good enough. But let me tell you this, every single student who’s going to be applying for this scholarship or any scholarship goes through the same thought process. So you pretty much have nothing to worry about because you’ve done all the work.So just go ahead and apply. Now if you’re wondering where you can find these scholarships, well, these are some of the websites that I recommend. Click here


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