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BEHOLD THE BUEATY; Dedicated and Committed Property Mogul and philanthropist Hamis Kiggundu...

BEHOLD THE BUEATY; Dedicated and Committed Property Mogul and philanthropist Hamis Kiggundu has Given Nakivubo Stadium an Imaginable Beauty Silencing his Critics

Trust Hamis Kiggundu, Nakivubo renovation was not just a story to impress. Rather, one of real work of redesigning and turning the Sports facility into a modern one to serve the country at large through developing sports talent.

From almost ‘Zero’ though the stadium long existed, Ham turns the War Memorial stadium, in the heart of Kampala metropolitan City to a beautiful arena with his philanthropist Heroics.

How building in public can launch your start-up. And Ham has exhibited that launching himself as a major pillar and strong player of Sports development in Uganda.

It is not easy to start a successful project, but Ham has found himself successfully renovating Nakivubo Stadium and gaining an edge by building in public plus silencing his critics wrong.

His statements have not been just said but done with his actions sort to say.

Instead of keeping everything behind closed doors Ham on a daily posts pictures and has hosted numerous stake holders at Nakivubo on guided tours around the facility to show his work for everyone to see.

True the progress has challenges like in any other investments venture but Ham has not been held back and today if you visited Nakivubo you will behold the beauty there.

In essence, Ham has done his bit and it just time, which is not later but soonest for him to call for commissioning of the facility that has cost him US$49 million.

ROKO Construction are carrying out the work, began that commenced June 2017.

The construction of the Nakivubo Stadium has been a project marred by setbacks, delays, and skepticism.

But for businessman and property mogul Hamis Kiggundu, it’s a project that he has been committed to seeing through to completion, and he is almost there and the 35,000-seater stadium is a reality today.

To deliver on the legacy commitments, the new Nakivubo Stadium will feature a gym, medical facility, restaurants, and other amenities.

Kiggundu expects works to be completed by the end of the year. If successful, the redevelopment of Nakivubo stadium would come in handy for Uganda’s bid to co-host the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) finals with neighbouring Tanzania.

Kiggundu implores Ugandans to embrace a mentality of belief in such mega projects, saying, “The Nakivubo redevelopment project is not just a sports project; this is a legacy. If I can, you too can do more to make Uganda a successful country with reason. Oftentimes, multimillion-dollar projects are given to foreigners but with the progress of the redevelopment, I want to create a mindset shift that we can also do it.”

The Nakivubo Stadium will provide a world-class sports complex that can host major events and attract visitors from all over the world.


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